Druchem is a part of a multinational conglomerate that is actively changing various industries in multiple sectors. Our philosophy is “to provide every human being with affordable and quality medicines in a manner that supports and promotes sustainability”.

Druchem is a part of a multinational conglomerate that is actively changing various industries in multiple sectors. Our philosophy is “to provide every human being with affordable and quality medicines in a manner that supports and promotes sustainability”.

Our flagship plant is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, just 10 kilometers from the city center. The company produces various dosage forms including tablets, capsules, dry powders, granules and pellets. It is a flagship export-oriented unit with multitudes of capabilities for further expansion.

Druchem also specializes in values added high technology dosage forms such as sustained release tablets & capsules, quick dissolving tablets, barrier coated delayed release tablets, effervescent tablets and timed-release capsules among others.

Druchem has a massive global footprint and is looking forward to partner with other interested parties. The company is continuously expanding its activities beyond its geographical boundary of Cambodia. The Company is open to collaborate with interested and relevant parties in various countries. Druchem strives to provide the highest quality medicine at affordable prices to any nation who needs them.


Our Vision is to become the most trusted healthcare company in ASEAN region to ensure better health for everyone, everywhere.


To provide top notch quality healthcare products and services for the benefit of humanity in the best possible way through continuous innovation and advancement.


Quality & Teamwork

Druchem is a name synonymous with quality, trust and reliability. Quality is instilled in the work of our colleagues and all of our Values. We are dedicated to provide the best in healthcare throughout the ASEAN Region. Our partners, NexGen Farma, Spain have helped us achieve and design quality processes that have resulted in exceeding our expectations. We are relentless in our pursuit for Quality in everything we do.

Our professional team have dissected and minutely studies each and every step of the production process. They have developed standard operating procedures. They not only developed these but also ensure that these procedures are implemented/ followed at each step religiously. TQM systems are processed and followed efficiently, which maintains the product’s highest quality and provides the best results to the patients.


Their function starts with the arrival of raw material. The Raw Material, as well as Packaging Material, is

approved or rejected as per respective SOP. After it is approved it is shifted to Raw Material Store or

Packaging Material Store.


During the manufacturing process, samples at various levels are taken and tested as per respective SOP, so that the fault (if any) should be detected at an early stage. It is rectified; if possible, otherwise, without incurring greater losses at later stages, it is rejected. This not only maintains Good Quality but it also saves monetary losses of labor, raw material, packaging material etc.


After the production is over, the finished goods are tested as per respective SOP. Stability studies of Control Samples are also continuously done as per respective SOP.


So, around 30 tests & procedures are done for checking and giving the final go-ahead for releasing of goods in the market and during its shelf life.


Corporate Social Responsibility

In harmony with our philosophy, Druchem strives to support the community where it lives and also the nations that harbor and partner with Druchem as far as possible in the time of need.


Druchem believes it can thrive only if nations remain healthy. Druchem gives emphasis to its practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and evidence of this commitment is found in its dealing with clients, suppliers, employees, Government’s and the society at large.

As its commitment to society the company donates medicine to NGOs during times of need or when nations are under duress.

Druchem also produces life-saving “import-substitute medicines” at affordable price to the people as an expression of true love and compassion for the people. Druchem strongly believes that commitment towards people and the society as a whole positively contributes towards its business objective.


NexGen Farma

A Note from Our Alliance Partner

NexGen is committed to discussing and innovative medicines to treat a broad range of diseases.

We understand the value of partnering, and we look for creative, mutually beneficial pharmaceutical collaborations that will provide the best medicines for patients. We are interested in opportunities for both small and large molecule research, development, and manufacturing.

Our Strengths

Our Business development professionals are embedded in individual areas of research and our teams will work side by side with Druchem and throughout the process from due diligence to negotiations and Quality management.



What to expect from this alliance

The best quality advice is the foundation of all our partnerships, and it drives our flexible approach to how we collaborate. Our expertise includes option-based deals, early and late-stage licensing deals, co-development, co-promotions.

Our partnership management teams manage assets from early stage through to marketed products, and across a wide range of collaboration structures, all based and revolving around executing the best possible quality that can be provided in medicines. One unique resource that partners frequently access is our R&D-based Quality management teams. This team is built on a dedicated scientific support model that gives partners access to our pre-clinical and drug development expertise.

To ensure our current and potential partners engage with the full capabilities of NexGen, we have a group of research and development consultants to help them maximize their resources. The group assembles skills and knowledge from across NexGen and Europe, to offer both strategic and tactical options for our partners to consider as they move their programs and projects along.



Our Regions and Areas of interest

We are committed to working with you across different collaboration structures, bringing in support when and where needed from the rest of our organization. Our aim is to find a tailored approach that fits your needs, making your experience personal.

In North America, we are interested in marketed products and assets in late-stage development.

In Europe, we are focused on recently launched products and assets in late-stage development. In the Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific region, we are looking for marketed or late life-cycle products, biosimilar candidates, and branded generics.

In Japan, we are interested in marketed products and assets in the clinical development stage, as well as early-stage candidates and technologies for our global organization.



What to Expect from this Alliance

New Technology, New Opportunities: Technology is only beginning to have an effect on healthcare and this is only likely to increase. Partnering with technology companies like NexGen Farma is just one way the pharmaceutical sector can avoid wasting money on pursuing research into treatments that later turn out not to be viable.

Complex diseases are a new priority: The rise of conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s is putting a huge amount of pressure on the UK health system, so tackling them is a priority.

Emergence of patient power: Patients are no longer content to be passive receivers of healthcare but instead want to help shape it around their needs.

This development is something that is being recognized by healthcare providers like the NHS, and pharmaceutical companies are taking note too. They are putting more of a focus on the outcomes that matter to patients. According to research by the drug development company Covance, 84% of senior decision makers in the field of clinical development agree that pharmaceutical companies must incorporate the patient voice in drug development more effectively.

By engaging with patients, they also stand to benefit from the insights they have into the diseases they are trying to treat. A recent paper from the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations said collaborating with patients is leading to “better trials, better engagement, better communication throughout the entire life cycle of medicines—and ultimately better patient outcomes.”